The Finnish Society for Music Therapy (FSMT) was founded and registered in 1973. The aim of the society is to promote professional music therapy activities in Finland. The society supports non-registered regional sub-committees around Finland. Membership of the Society is divided in five: professional, advocacy, student, pensioner and community membership. The membership benefits and fees vary depending on the form of the membership.

Information and co-operation

An important task of FSMT is to share information about music therapy and its possibilities. FSMT cooperates with other healthcare, social and educational organizations in Finland. FSMT is also a member of the World Federation of Music Therapy and the European Music Therapy Confederation and is in contact with other music therapy organizations all over the world.


FSMT publishes the journal 'Musiikkiterapia' (Music Therapy). This professional journal follows scientific developments in music therapy and demonstrates music therapy work in practice. The Society also publishes books and booklets in the music therapy field. Publications can be purchased over the internet.

Professional aims

FSMT works to promote music therapy also by giving declarations and taking part in public discussions about music therapy. The Society keeps a register of professional music therapists in Finland and organizes a music therapy forum for discussing current professional matters. FSMT also offers counselling and educational services to professionals working in related fields. FSMT has an ethical commission which is available to music therapy professionals and clients alike.

Education and training

National seminars held twice a year can be considered the backbone of the FSMT. These 2-3 day educational meetings bring together music therapy professionals in Finland. The program of the seminars consists of visitor lectures as well as music therapy clinicians introducing their work, where both scientific and practical aspects of music therapy are taken into consideration.

FSMT has a representative in “SUMUKE” (the commission to develop music therapy education in Finland), which coordinates music therapy education in Finland. The main task is to develop common criteria for music therapy training and to cooperate with the different music therapy training organizations.

More information:

Anne Takamäki (chair)
phone: +358 40 683 7777 (mobile)
E-mail: puheenjohtaja (a) musiikkiterapia.fi

Pia Kvist (executive director)
phone: +358 50 383 5852 (mobile)
E-mail: toiminnanjohtaja (a) musiikkiterapia.fi

Mailing address:
Suomen musiikkiterapiayhdistys ry
Hiekkakiventie 2 a 3
90240 Oulu